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About Us

Check Out Our Dining Room 

The Restaurant

Our fantastic family recipes have been passed down through generations from Italy to the best dinner you've ever had, right here in North Carolina. Our exquisite dishes are the product of years of practice, care and perfection. Our pasta sauce is made in-house every day and you'll taste the difference in every bite of pasta and every slice of pizza.

Your eyes will light up from the very first bite to the last.

We'll bring traditional Sicilian flavors to your next lunch, dinner or meeting!

Our Kitchen

To us, food is more than just something we eat every day. food, our food, Italian food is a passion that must be made with only the freshest ingredients. The best homemade pasta, the choicest cuts of chicken and meat, the most amazing sauces and all prepared and served by the finest staff around. 

Treat yourself and come dine with us tonight!

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